Measure what Matters

Sherebanu Frosh takes us through her favourite air apps and websites. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” Far from being a trope, this is a very important truth that all of us need to know in order to survive current dystopian levels of air pollution in India.  We need to know, asContinue reading “Measure what Matters”

City Beautiful?

Warrior Moms from all over India talk about the mounting garbage in their cities. Bunny Dhaliwal from Chandigarh writes: We all talk of Our City Beautiful, Chandigarh but do we know that there is a mountain ofgarbage which happens to be a part of The City Beautiful ? Not very far from Punjab University, thisContinue reading “City Beautiful?”

These mothers want clean air and took a historic stand at COP 26

Tamseel Hussain If I ask you, what do countries like Brazil, Nigeria, India, UK, Poland and the US have in common? I wouldn’t expect an answer claiming rising air pollution.  Recently, around 500 parent groups from 44 countries (including India, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Poland, and Nigeria) delivered a letter to PresidentContinue reading “These mothers want clean air and took a historic stand at COP 26”

The Burning Issue

Warrior Mom, Samita Kaur from Punjab gives us an understanding of why farmers resort to stubble burning. A mother of 2, Samita hails from rural Punjab and works towards spreading awareness and finding support mechanisms for farmers. She runs a FB group called We Support Our Farmers. Pictures by Sehaj Kaur Stubble burning is theContinue reading “The Burning Issue”

Moms Go Electric

With a variety of manufacturers producing electric cycles, scooters and even cars, the time has come for consumers to start rethinking their options. Sherebanu Frosh shares her experience of an electric vehicle. Since when have you owned your electric vehicle?We bought a Tata Nexon EV in January 2021 Why did you decide to buy it?WeContinue reading “Moms Go Electric”

Can Miyawaki replace NATURAL FORESTS?

Jasmine Singh, architect and urban planner based in Hyderabad writes about Miyawaki forests and urban greening. Can Miyawaki replace NATURAL FORESTS? Living in concrete jungles, the idea of green jungles seems like a dream that once was. The Miyawaki Method of plantation however, might give hope to city dwellers who dream of sustainability.  Invented byContinue reading “Can Miyawaki replace NATURAL FORESTS?”

Many a Slip…

Warrior Mom Harmit Rajpal Masand, mother of a 10 year old from Delhi writes about the poor execution of solid waste disposal regulations in Delhi. The government of India notified the Solid Waste Management Rules in 2016 and Delhi notified its bylaws in 2018 under the Environment Protection Act. It is estimated that the people of DelhiContinue reading “Many a Slip…”

Pedalling Towards My Dreams – Guest Post

This week’s post is by 14 year old Meera. A resident of Chennai, she entered this bicycling story to a challenge conducted by Raahgiri Foundation. Hers is one of 3 winning entries. This article was also published on her blog I was literally born cycling. At the age of two, I had a pushContinue reading “Pedalling Towards My Dreams – Guest Post”

Spotlight on Bees

Today’s post is a spotlight on Warrior Mom from Bangalore, Rajani Mani. Rajani is currently making a film on bees — we caught up with her today for a little chat. Read on and check out the links to her work too. Why bees? I live in Bangalore where, between the months of October to March, rockContinue reading “Spotlight on Bees”


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